Serving many years as chairperson of the church’s Board of Stewards is “Bud” Reiselt, a native of Iowa who has made his home in Homer the past 28 years.  A longtime college professor, the educator is presently on the staff of nearby Emmanuel College.  Through the years “Bud” has been the recipient of numerous rewards in his professional field and once served as president of a national organization related to recreation.  “Bud” is respected as Board chairperson for the expertise and experience he offers the position and for his dedication as a church official.  He is married and has three grown children, two sons and a daughter.

The church’s governing body is the Board of Stewards.  At Homer Methodist its membership consists of 25 persons, all of who represent a different area in the life of the church.  The Board meets on the first Tuesday every month at 6:00 p.m., with “Bud” Reiselt presiding as chairperson.  The Board includes both men and women, all of whom have been selected for their expertise and experience and willingness to serve faithfully.

Serving presently as head layperson is “Chuck” Enslen who is especially involved in the church’s Serving Our Neighbors outreach ministry as its first coordinator (with his wife, Lisa).  He is active in The Gideons ministry, too, where he is a leader in the local camp.  The one-time Sunday School Superintendent is admired for his loyalty to Christ and the church and willingness to serve when and wherever needed.  A native of Monroe, the lay leader is married with two grown children.

As Chairperson of Board of Trustees, Tim Wilbanks heads the official body in charge of all church properties.  Building and improvements, including church grounds, are under their supervision.  In recent years, this board has initiated a renovation of the Sanctuary Building in 2000 and the construction of a Family Life Center in 2006.  Renovation of the former parsonage beside the sanctuary has provided the church with a much needed Annex.  Church grounds improvements have included a paved parking area soon to be enlarged for additional vehicles.  Tim is married and has two grown children, both sons.

A lay member of the Annual Conference, Judie Wendt represents Homer Methodist Church at each session of the North Georgia Conference.  She presently serves as United Methodist Women President and is on the Staff-Parish Relations Committee and Board of Stewards.  Judie has served as president of the United Methodist Women of the North Georgia Conference in the past.  Judie is married and has two grown children a daughter and a son.  Judie’s dedicated interest in mission took her to Mexico in 2012.

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